Members Appreciation Day at Toronto Workers Club Friday 8 June 2018

As a Thank You for your ongoing patronage of Toronto Workers Club and Toronto Country Club, we will be giving all our Financial Members $10.00 Appreciation Points to spend on Appreciation Day!

Your Next Appreciation Day Is:
Friday 8 June 2018

Appreciation Points Terms & Conditions

  1. Appreciation Points can be redeemed only at Toronto Workers Club Bars, Cafe, Bistro and Toronto Country Club Bar (TCC Bar pending Club Trading Hours); excludes $10.90 Lunch Menu, Dinner Faves Menu and other offers as deemed by the Club.
  2. Appreciation Points are valid from Open of Trade until Close of Trade on the given Appreciation Day, as nominated above.
  3. Any unused credit on your Appreciation Points account at Close of Trade on the given Appreciation Day, as nominated above, will be forfeited and expired.
  4. Membership Cards & Appreciation Points are not transferable.
  5. Members will only be issued 1,000 ($10) Appreciation Points each.
  6. Appreciation Points are not redeemable for cash; not valid on any other day; no change will be given.
  7. Members must present their own membership card at the time of purchase to use their appreciation points. Appreciation points cannot be claimed on behalf of other members.
  8. Members found using others' Membership Cards may have their Appreciation Points forfeited and Membership Cards revoked. It is against Club Policy to present and use another Member's Card and Points.