Ham Season is upon us...commencing Wednesday 1 November at the Workies,

560 Half Hams to be won during Ham Season

Are you a loyal Raffle Attendant of the Workies Club? Our Raffle Loyalty Cards are valid for use on all our Ham Raffles. Don't have one? Be sure to collect one from our Raffle Hosts at time of ticket purchase. 

Wednesday Ham Raffles: Every Wednesday from 1 November until and including 20 December 2017.
Prizes drawn 6.30pm (tickets on sale from 5pm); 35 Half Hams to be won each raffle.

Sunday Ham Raffles: Every Sunday from 5 November until and including 24 December 2017.
Prizes drawn 2pm (tickets on sale from 1pm); 35 Half Hams to be won each raffle.

Spend $10 or more on Raffle Tickets during our Ham Raffles and receive extra tickets to the Same Value.