Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, James Street Burgers is currently closed but some of your burger favourites from the menu are available through the Indulge Dining Restaurant

Inspired by all things beefy, cheesy and worth breaking your diet for, James Street Burgers is now open inside Toronto Workers Club. Boasting to be the best burger join in the Lake Macquarie area, James Street Burgers has been built to #ExperienceBurgerLife. 

This new feature was designed for those with burger-sized hearts with all trimmings, including a signature fries seasoning and house made ranch dipping sauce. Prepared on our brand new equipment, the menu is set to change every three months, just to keep you burger crazy. 

James Street Burgers is providing "cheesy" difference to the normal bistro menu options. That means, when celebrating Nanna's 80th Birthday at the Workies, she can still order her regular Roast Pork while you take on something more your style like "The Double Double". It will ultimately improve family dining experiences as it feeds the hangry attitudes of all self righteous nieces, nephews and grand children that just don't want to go to Nanna's do. We get it, burger life can be tough! 

So here's to scoffing down the "Hot Dog" or "Beef Short Rib Burger" with a side of JSB Seasoned Fries and JSB Ranch Sauce. Wash it down with whatever you want, located inside a Club has its perks. Just remember to join, everything is cheaper! 

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